Welcome to RELOOP IT

RELOOP IT offers quality pre-owned devices that are best priced in the market. We source reliable brands such as Apple, Dell, Microsoft, HP and Lenovo, and offer 6 month replacement warranty – just for the peace of mind!

Witnessing recent up take of e-waste, identifying underutilized technology related products, and an increased demand for affordable technology products, we see the need to paly part in extending the life of pre-owned mobile and tech related devices.

We strongly believe that e-waste can be significantly reduced and better utilized. We also believe that businesses can contribute their share in protecting the environment. RELOOP IT aims to play part by becoming facilitating venue for affordable devices, and aim to create value for our suppliers as well as consumers.

Our goal is to help:

  • Businesses to decommission end of life/use tech devices in a socially responsible way
  • Start–up companies to set up their business with minimal budget by sourcing refurbished devices
  • End users/consumers to access affordable laptops, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Students to access affordable laptops to enhance their education
  • Overall reduction of e-Wastage by extending lifecycle of devices
  • Contribute to the reduction of environmental carbon print

Dealing with pre-loved tech devices, where very sensitive private information might be stored requires careful handling of the devices.  We take extra care to ensure private data is not exposed to new owners. We honour the trust that is put upon us and we have highly skilled staff to manage the associated risk including data sanitization and re-installation of the OEM Operating systems.


Phone: 1300 404 327  /  (07) 3147 8233
Email: sales@reloopit.com.au

7/17 Morrison Close, Mansfield, QLD, 4122, Australia

ABN: 61 329 535 952

Second Hand Dealer License No: 4501981